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Our Recent  Projects

After Bush-fire Rehabilitation

Check out this innovative way of sowing seeds that’s giving Lake Cobrico a new lease of life.

Drones have showered 32 kilos of native seeds over the wildlife swamp reserve to create a vast amount of new plants, trees and shrubs.

Wood Weed - Gorse Control

Very clear result photos of Gorse controlled by P30 drone spraying. We surveyed and sprayed chemical at a 5-ha field, which was fully covered by gorse, various terrains, tractors and human hard to get in.


Spraying drone was allowed to maintain 3m height above the gorse, only a few hours to cover 5ha with very decent coverage and less chemical drift and usage than manned aircraft.

Spot Spray Result for Carbon Drawdown Project

After photos from spot spray projects on plain field and steep terrain, 5mx5m grid trails done by utilising our Agriculture drone P30.

The benefit is to reduce spray area, soil compaction, soil disturbance and preserve a greater proportion of pasture during site preparation. Then putting back trees in appropriate sprayed spots after a few months, and they will grow healthy without competition.

Spot Spray Trial

Broadacre Farm Weed Control

Clear result showing Agriculture drone P30 has solved the weed control problem on hard to reach areas such as wet area, rocky and steep terrain

Boardacers Weed Control

Paterson's Curse

Aerial Mapped out the field and spray out herbicide to stop the spreading of Paterson's Curse

Paterson's Curse

Aerial Video/Photography

Some sample photos from commercial services, helping you showcase your properties or business for better marketing.

Photography projects